September 7, 2014
The results show that the world is tracking pretty closely to the Limits to Growth “business-as-usual” scenario. The data doesn’t match up with other scenarios.
September 5, 2014
September 4, 2014
September 3, 2014

it occurs to me now that if duran duran doesn’t absolutely kill it at this miata reveal i’m gonna look pretty dumb

fun fact the one time i’ve ever seen duran duran was the year the miata was introduced

big thing was out, which would probably be considered the nadir of their career if anybody, you know, actually thought about duran duran in terms of “a career,” but i kinda liked the singles. still, i went as a goof. i thought it’d be hilarious on the way there to buy a lighter to hoist during save a prayer (i didn’t smoke).

well, joke was on me. duran duran kicked ass. that is a seriously credible rock band. (to give you an idea of who else i was going to see in 1989, the list included dinosaur jr, the pixies, bob mould, and, um, metallica? so it’s not like duran duran was good compared to spandau ballet or some shit.)

September 2, 2014

wow I was the exact target demographic for this and I never even heard about it

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