July 27, 2012

dodgers-cardinals, 1999. fernando tatís, batting clean-up for the cards, comes to the plate with the bases loaded in the third inning and hits a grand slam off chan ho park. i figure this would be a good time to get up and get a hot dog and some nachos. while in line i watch on the monitor as the cards bat all the way around against park, who is inexplicably left in. as i return to my seat, the bases are again loaded for tatís, and i swear to god, literally just as i sit down, HE HITS ANOTHER GRAND SLAM.

years later i saw him play in rochester with the expos’ triple-A affiliate ottowa lynx (RIP). was sitting near their dugout and wanted to say something to him on deck but didn’t, i don’t know why. you gotta figure his teammates either had no idea that it had ever happened or they’d heard the story so many times they could recite it from memory. i wonder.

my brother who was at dodger stadium too that night came to visit last month and we went to cooperstown and they had his helmet and bat. pretty sweet fernando. if i was on twitter i would retweet you all day long.

(Source: paxamericana)